Workplace Campaign Coordinators

Employee Campaign Coordinator

As an Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) you are essential to the annual workplace campaign of the United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley.  By leading your company’s internal fundraising effort, you help to improve lives by raising much-needed funds for investment in community programs, partnerships and initiatives. 
Your Role & Responsibilities 
  • Attend ECC training.
  • Develop working knowledge of the United Way and its funded programs, partnerships and initiatives.
  • Recruit and coordinate a team of volunteers within your workplace to help with the effort.
  • Review last year’s campaign results.
  • Work closely with United Way staff and/or campaign volunteers to set goals, develop a strategy for success and determine a timeline that best suits your workplace.
  • Distribute United Way campaign materials in the workplace to engage employees, help them to learn more, and empower them to make conscious giving decisions.
  • Promote the campaign in your workplace with the fun, engaging activities.
  • Coordinate the collection of completed pledge forms and contributions.
  • Tally pledge forms and deliver to the payroll department or other relevant personnel.
  • Complete campaign report envelope according to instructions and return to campaign volunteer or a United Way staff member.
  • Recognize and thank your campaign support team and donors.
You will benefit from your role as an Employee Campaign Coordinator in many ways: 
  • Develop and/or strengthen leadership, project management, communication and organizational skills.
  • Take advantage of and learn from important personal time with co-workers.
  • Be personally involved in creating positive change in the community.
Your employer will benefit as well:
  • ECCs gain valuable interpersonal, leadership and project management skills
  • Your ECC helps to create and manage an internal system for tracking your United Way workplace campaign.
  • Your United Way workplace campaign demonstrates the company’s commitment to the community.

Employee Campaign Coordinators


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