Salem Keizer Bus Pass Program

Through a partnership with Salem-Keizer Transit, United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley offers bus passes at no cost to local nonprofit organizations for distribution to clients who need transporation in the Salem-Keizer area. The Cherriots’ Bus Pass program provides one-day bus passes to qualified organizations that serve clients in need of transportation support.

United Way does not distribute bus passes to individuals.  Qualified organizations who successfully complete the application process are responsible for distributing passes to those in need of transportation support.  Non-profit organizations serving Salem and Keizer area residents may apply to receive Cherriots Day Passes at no cost to your organization.  United Way accepts Bus Pass Program applications quarterly. 
The current application is for the three month period of January - March 2018
Organizations receiving Cherriots Day Passes from United Way must report on how they utilized the bus passes.  As part of the reporting, organizations receiving bus passes must submit at least one story telling us how the bus pass program impacted or benefited one of your clients.  At the conclusion of the application process, United Way will provide a Tracking Form via email.
*Monthly passes are unavailable*  See below for full terms and conditions of the bus pass program.
Organizations that currently have bus passes (contact each organization to get information on availability):
Printable List (PDF) of organizations that currently have bus passes.
Please contact Annie Chapman or call United Way at (503) 363-1651 for information on the application process, or for a current list of organizations who have been awarded bus passes.

Terms and Conditions of United Way's Bus Pass Program

Eligible organization MUST:

  • Be a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization to be eligible for passes. All other classifications are ineligible.
  • Provide services in the health and human services field.
  •  Have a location that is accessible to the public for walk in bus pass requests. Office/location should be within the Salem-Keizer Transit District service area.
  • Agree to adhere to the bus pass usage guidelines below.
  • Public and private schools are not eligible to apply.
  • Government agencies/programs are not eligible to apply.

The intent of the bus pass program through United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley is to connect those in need with transportation to VITAL SERVICES so that they may achieve self-sufficiency and stability.
Bus passes may be issued for the following purposes:

  • Transportation to access basic needs services such as; food, clothing and housing/shelter
  • Physical and mental health appointments, if OHP will not provide triplink or reimbursement for the trip.
  • Social service appointments such as Department of Human Services, Unemployment office, Social Security office, etc.
  • Services provided by your organization or program such as support groups, case management, therapy, etc.
  • Employment searches or job interviews
  • Transportation to/from schoolLow-income adults seeking to obtain their GED/diploma or children needing emergency transportation to 24J schools
  • Transportation to/from new employment (until 1st paycheck)

Bus passes may NOT be used for the following:

  • Parole officer appointments-Parole officers have passes for this purpose
  • Field trips or school activities
  • Extra-curricular activities or sports
  • Shopping
  • Given to volunteers/staff
  • Given away as prizes,  giveaways, included in gift baskets or raffles
  • Transportation to special events/community activities
  • Trips that are covered by the client’s Oregon Health Plan health insurance.  For more information concerning non-emergent medical transportation, contact Triplink at (503) 315-5544. Clients may alternatively have their medical mileage reimbursed through their health insurance - Find more information on OHP reimbursement.
- Office/location must be located in Salem
- Public and private schools are not eligible to apply
- Government agencies/programs are not eligible to apply