Resources for Funded Agencies

2015-2017 Calendar

Calendar of important due dates and meetings for funded agencies (last updated:  June 12, 2015)

United Way's Logo

This is the correct logo for United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley in a .jpg format.  To ensure the integrity of the United Way brand mark, do not reduce its width to less than .75 inches for print or special usage, and 90 pixels or 1.25 inches for screen applications.  If you need another format, please contact Sherry Lintner.

Storytelling Tool/Template & Tips

Template (PDF|Doc)


Other Resources



Strengthening Families

Strengthening Families Research Briefs: Core meanings of the five protective factors (PDF); Parental Resiliency (PDF); Social Connections (PDF); Concrete Supports (PDF); Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development (PDF); Social and Emotional Competence of Children (PDF).


Healthy Eating and Physical Activities Standards (PDF)