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United Way relies on local data to understand not just where the greatest need is, but where we can get the greatest return on our investments.  This page provides several links to data and reports that are relevant to our work in education, financial stability, health and basic needs.  If you have questions about United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley's work in these areas, please contact our Community Engagement and Impact Director Arturo Vargas.


ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) - A Study of Financial Hardship

ALICE - Marion County Summary (PDF)

ALICE - Polk County Summary (PDF)

ALICE - Yamhill County Summary (PDF)

ALICE - Oregon Summary (PDF)

Find out more about ALICE and read the full report.

Children's First of Oregon

Marion County Snapshot (PDF)

Polk County Snapshot (PDF)

Yamhill County Snapshot (PDF)

Read the entire 2016 Status of Oregon's Children and Families report.

Oregon Department of Education

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps

Marion County Health Rankings (PDF)

Polk County Health Rankings (PDF)

Yamhill County Health Rankings (PDF)

U.S. Census, American Community Survey

Easy Stats - Searchable by County

Economic Characteristics - Marion County (PDF)

Economic Characteristics - Polk County (PDF)

Economic Characteristics - Yamhill County (PDF)