2017 Days of Action

Days of Action is an opportunity to come together to harness the volunteer spirit, and improve the conditions in our community. During 2017 Days of Action, volunteer teams will provide greatly needed assistance by assembling early literacy kits and children’s dental kits.

How to get involved:

  1. Form your team of 5 – 25 volunteers.
  2. Pick a time from our 2017 Days of Action Schedule.
  3. Email Sherry Lintner at slintner@unitedwaymwv.org to schedule your event.

About the projects:

Project Goal: Build 13,000 Early Literacy Kits
A child’s brain will grow more rapidly in the first five years of the life than at any other time. They are born ready to learn, and the time parents spend reading, playing, singing and exploring with them can set the stage for school success and life-long learning. Literacy skills begin to develop long before a child reads. Literacy is most commonly understood as reading and writing. But before children can read and write, they need to learn about sounds, words, language, books and stories. The Early Literacy Kits promote culturally-specific ways of reading, talking and playing with young children in order to foster healthy development.
The kits include an interactive wheel in the shape of a bear that is designed to engage children and families in reading, writing, singing, talking, or playing using everyday activities. The accompanying booklet includes unique songs, stories, games, and other literacy activities that parents can use to develop early skills.

Project Goal: 2,000 Children’s Dental Kits
According to the Oregon Health Authority’s Smile Survey a little more than half of Oregon children 6 to 9 years old already had a cavity. About one-fifth of those children had untreated decay. More than 17,000 children in Oregon were found to have rampant decay, defined as having seven or more teeth with treated or untreated decay. Children from lower-income households had much higher cavity rates compared to children from higher-income households, almost twice the rate of untreated decay, and more than twice the rate of rampant decay.
Poor dental health can contribute to increased absenteeism, poor school performance, poor self-esteem, and less success later in life. The dental kits provide a preventive measure that can help eliminate the dental health crisis facing our children and put help families get back on a healthy path.

These projects are not possible without the support of community volunteers like you! Thank you for your interest in our upcoming Days of Action, and we look forward to working with your team to make these important projects a reality.